Our clinical trial awareness and recruitment services include strategic, highly targeted social media advertising, organic content development and marketing, clinical trial website development, and patient-facing educational videos and resource guides.

Through the integration of proprietary artificial intelligence, in conjunction with an integrated human and digital care team, a referral coordinator answers questions from cancer patients and guides those interested through an otherwise frequently complicated clinical study pre-screening process. Patients who complete and pass the pre-screener are connected directly to trial sites for randomization into the trial and provided with information and support to increase adherence to therapies and regimens. The digital therapeutic enhancement tool is powered by GoMo Health and applies the company’s proprietary behavioral engagement methodology to increase activation while keeping clinical study participants compliant with their therapies.

This helps to:

  • Reduce time and cost to acquire and retain qualified subjects and capture valuable data

  • Attract more investigator site participation

  • Support international clinical trials, awareness, and participation management

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